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Preparing for your newborn shoot

We understand exactly what the first couple of weeks with a newborn is like which is why we try and make your session as stress free as possible. There’s very little for you to worry about preparing for the session other than a few basics. Below we have answered a few of the frequently asked questions and put together a checklist of things to bring.
A few suggestions of things to do before you leave home
  • Dress baby in front opening baby grow with no vest.
  • Feed baby just before leaving home.
  • Try and keep baby awake before session.
  • Please let us know if they are there any medical issues we should be aware of.

Arriving at the Studio

Please try and arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time so that we do not overrun and have enough time to get the best pictures we can. It’ll also give you plenty of time to relax and feel comfortable before the fun starts! When you arrive at the studio you’ll be able to see samples of some of our work and amazing wall art in The Photo Cafe. This is also the chance for us to discuss what type of pictures you’d like us to create. Arrive early enough and they’ll certainly be time for a delicious hot chocolate or flat white before your session.

Your studio newborn shoot

We allow a couple of hours for each session so there’s plenty of time for varies poses and looks during the shoot. In terms of clothing, it is best to bring a change of outfit for yourselves. We have a variety of backgrounds, props and setups designed especially for newborns.

After your newborn shoot

At the end of your photo session we will arrange a convenient time for you to return for your personal viewing appointment where you will then get to view your edited photos. Any additional family members are always welcome too.


I’m afraid not. Photography and videography is not permitted in the studio.
  • Food for baby
  • Spare nappies (more than you think you need).
  • Change of clothes for you and baby
  • A dummy (if you use one)
  • Any personal items for the shoot such as blankets or toys.
Typically the newborn shoot lasts an hour or two. During the week do allow plenty of time in between shoots so there’s no worry about overrunning.
It is highly likely that baby will need a top up feed during the shoot. Sometimes this is just a comfort thing and quite normal.
That entirely depends on who you’d like to have pictures of! Be aware that the session can last a couple of hours so if you’re bringing siblings then it’s probably a good idea to bring something along to amuse them. The Photo Cafe does have a small child friendly area you are free to use. We do like to have both parents at the photo sessions as it is always nice to have some family pictures during the shoot. Our studio can comfortably accommodate at least 10 adults and we’ll more than happily photograph the family pets too.
We do have a small selection of newborn outfits along with a number of different blankets and wraps which we use for the different setups. If you do have an outfit that someone has made or purchased as a gift then please do bring that along with you.
We do like to keep things fairly simple and natural in our newborn photoshoots but we do have a variety of different baskets, bowls and backgrounds for your newborn. 

Christmas Mini Sessions

3rd of December