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Preparing for your cake smash photoshoot

Our cake smash shoots have become one of the most popular fun baby photography sessions we offer in our Croydon studio. It can be a really fun way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. In fact our cake smash photography sessions aren’t limited to 1st birthdays. A 2nd birthday cake Smash is certainly an experience worth having! It doesn’t even need to be a cake! Watermelon smash shoots are becoming more and more popular these days!

Arriving at the Studio

Please try and arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time so that we do not overrun and have enough time to get the best pictures we can. It’ll also give us plenty of time to let everyone relax and feel comfortable before the fun starts! When you arrive at the studio you’ll be able to see samples of some of our work and amazing wall art in The Photo Cafe. This is also the chance for us to discuss what type of pictures you’d like us to create. Arrive early enough and they’ll certainly be time for a delicious hot chocolate or flat white before your session.

Your Cake Smash shoot

We allow an hour for each session and it’s generally cut into three parts. We begin your photo session with a mini portrait shoot before we get all messy! This is a great chance to get some lovely milestone portraits of your baby. Then we bring on the cake and it’s time for your baby to explore all the textures and tastes that sit before them. After the cake smash photos we’ll clean up with some bubble bath photos to finish off.

After your cake smash shoot

At the end of your photo session we will arrange a convenient time for you to return for your personal viewing appointment where you will then get to view your edited photos. Any additional family members are always welcome too.

Questions you might have about your cake smash shoot

I’m afraid not. Photography and videography is not permitted in the studio.
A Cake
A towel
An outfit for the regular portraits
A cake cake outfit
Any props you wish to add
The cake Smash shoot is really all about the birthday boy or girl but that’s doesn’t mean older siblings and family members can’t get involved in the fun!
We would advise against bringing too many people with you to watch as it will just distract the star of the show.
bringing too many people with you to watch as it will just distract the star of the show.
We have various backgrounds, bunting and balloons in the studio along with cake stands a d a couple of other miscellaneous props. Be sure to look at Cake Smash Ideas for more examples.
Yes of course. Each cake smash shoot begins with some regular studio portraits so that is the ideal opportunity for some family pictures.
Watermelon smash is the next best thing.
Arguably the highlight of the cake smash really is the bubble bath photos at the end. It’s a real bath with real slashing. You’ll need a towel.
You may end up covered in cake so that may be a good idea. We’d also urge against wearing box fresh shoes or trainers.

Christmas Mini Sessions

3rd of December