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Newborn  photoshoot in Croydon Portrait Studio
Newborn Session
Newborn photoshoot in Croydon Portrait Studio
Newborn Session 2
Newborn photoshoot in Croydon Portrait Studio
Newborn Session 3
Newborn photoshoot in Croydon Portrait Studio
Newborn Session 4
Newborn in patents hand. Black and white photo.
Newborn Session 5
Newborn  in the basket. Photo taken in Corydon studio
Newborn Session 6
Smiling newborn wrapped in cream blanket. Photoshoot in Croydon studio
Newborn Session 7
Mum with newborn baby. Photo on the dark brow background
Newborn session 8
Newborn photoshoot in Croydon Portrait Studio. Baby with pink flower hair band on white blanket
Newborn Session 9
Newborn in both parents hands on black bacground.
Newborn Session 10

Newborn Photoshoot

Considering a newborn photoshoot for your baby? Newborn photoshoots are the number one photo sessions that new parents regret not having so we are glad that you have found us! The first two weeks of your baby’s life is a wild ride but having the amazing images from professional newborn photoshoot will be certainly worth the trip to our amazing Croydon photo studio. We look forward to making your newborn photoshoot a wonderful and stress free experience for both you and your baby.
Newborn Photoshoot in our Croydon Studio

Why should you have a newborn photo session?

If you only ever have one professional studio photography session for your baby it has to be a newborn photoshoot. The first few weeks of your baby’s life will fly by in a blur. It’s a tiring but amazing time for every new parent. Before you know it your tiny bundle of joy will be climbing the furniture and testing the limits of your baby proofing! This really is time you’ll never get back. We feel incredibly privileged that for more than a decade so many parents have entrusted us with with the huge responsibility of photographing their newborn.
Our baby photography studio in Croydon has been designed very much with newborn Photoshoots in mind. The safety of your newborn baby is of the upmost importance to us and we want you to be confident that you are in safe and qualified hands with many years of specialised training and experience.

Your newborn photoshoot

We allow at least a couple of hours for your newborn photoshoot. Your newborn photographer is very patient and experienced when it comes to settling baby. Ideally it’s nice to have both parents at the photo sessions to get some family pictures during the shoot. We understand you might not feel at your most fabulous but these first few pictures with your newborn baby will become incredibly special to you in years to come.
We have numerous set-ups, props, outfits, wraps and fine wools shawls for your baby so there’s no need to worry about bringing too much with you.
As you would expect we keep our studio nice and warm and cosy for your baby so that we can achieve beautiful sleepy pictures. The studio does of course have full nappy changing facilities and we allow plenty of time in each session of feeds.

Viewing and ordering your newborn photos

Once your newborn photoshoot is complete we’ll book in a viewing and ordering appointment for you. Your viewing is normally booked in a week after your photo shoot, leaving us plenty of time to beautifully edit all of your stunning newborn baby photos.
When you return to the studio and our viewing lounge you’ll be treated to a slideshow video of your photos. We’ll then guide you through the process of selecting and ordering your favourite photos.
We take card or cash payments on the day and payment plans are also available.
Once ordered your newborn photos are normally ready within a couple of weeks.
More more information about ordering your photos check out preparing to view your photos.


Best gift for ..........


The ideal age for a newborn photoshoot is within the first two weeks.
This is because newborns are usually sleepier, more flexible, and less prone to skin peeling during this time. It allows us as photographers to capture those precious curled-up poses and tiny features that define the newborn stage.
The most common regret we hear from clients is missing out on capturing the newborn stage. In 15 years we have yet to meet a client who has regretted getting a newborn photoshoot.
Your baby will never be too old to have a professional photoshoot. It’s worth noting that past two or three weeks the type of pictures we take will be different from typical newborn shots.
At one month old, babies may be more alert and less curled up compared to newborns, but they still have many adorable features to capture.

What should I bring to my newborn photoshoot?

We have so many different props, outfits, wraps and blankets that there’s very little you need to bring with you other than spare nappies, food for baby and perhaps a dummy.
If you do have something special and personal you’d like to add to your newborn Photoshoot such as a blanket someone has knitted or a family heirloom then please do bring those along. 

What kind of Newborn pictures do you want?

We aim to create natural, beautiful pictures of your newborn baby during your photoshoot. It’s important to us that your baby is both comfortable and safe. Let us know some of your favourite newborn photos from some of our previous newborn photoshoots.

What’s next after your newborn Photoshoot?

Capturing your baby’s first year with professional photos is an amazing experience.
Before the first year cake smash finale there are three key stages we recommend. I’m smiling, typically taken between 3-6 months. I’m sitting, when baby is usually around 8 months old and I’m standing, whenever they go from first steps to mini marathon runner!

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