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Photo of the baby taken in our studio in Croydon
Baby Session 1
Newborn photoshoot in Croydon Portrait Studio
Newborn Session 2
Newborn photoshoot in Croydon Portrait Studio
Newborn Session 3
Newborn photoshoot in Croydon Portrait Studio
Newborn Session 4
Newborn in patents hand. Black and white photo.
Newborn Session 5
Newborn  in the basket. Photo taken in Corydon studio
Newborn Session 6
Smiling newborn wrapped in cream blanket. Photoshoot in Croydon studio
Newborn Session 7
Mum with newborn baby. Photo on the dark brow background
Newborn session 8
Newborn photoshoot in Croydon Portrait Studio. Baby with pink flower hair band on white blanket
Newborn Session 9
Newborn in both parents hands on black bacground.
Newborn Session 10

Cake Smash Photoshoots in our Croydon Studio

Celebrate your baby’s first birthday with a Cake Smash Photoshoot at our Croydon Studio. If you’re looking for Cake Smash Photography then you have come to the right place. We’re proud to be South London’s most popular Cake Smash Photographer. Our cake smash photoshoots have become one of the most fun baby photography sessions we offer in our Croydon studio. Celebrating your baby’s first birthday is a big event but a Cake Smash photoshoot makes it that more unique.
Your Cake Smash Photoshoot has three different stages, meaning there’s plenty of photos too choose from. We begin with some more standard first birthday pictures before we move on to the cake smash and bubble bath finale. We’ve been photographing Cake Smash Photoshoots for nearly a decade but have you ever wondered Where Do Cake Smash Photoshoots Come from?


Now it’s time to get messy and explore all the wonderful textures and tastes that sit before them! Your child may not realise that they are living a once in a lifetime chance to make mess but they’ll certainly have fun doing it!
Each Cake Smash setup is different and designed to compliment the outfits and cake you bring with you.
We have plenty of different background choices, bunting and balloons.


Clean up time has never been so much fun! Along comes the bubble bath and some amazing photos to finish off your cake Smash photoshoot experience. If the truth be told, this is the part most of the babies enjoy the most. Splashing is certainly encouraged and you might even want to bring their favourite bath time toy to play with.
Certainly don’t forget to bring a towel!

Your Session

Each Cake Smash photoshoot normally takes about an hour. Feel free to arrive early and enjoy a drink in our Photo Cafe before your photoshoot. We’ll discuss with you the theme you’d like us to create. We begin each photoshoot with some regular portraits so you might want to bring a separate outfit for that.

Viewing and ordering your cake smash photos

Once your cake smash photoshoot is complete we’ll book in a viewing and ordering appointment for you. Your viewing is normally booked in a week after your photo shoot, leaving us plenty of time to beautifully edit all of your amazing birthday  photos.
When you return to the studio and our viewing lounge you’ll be treated to a slideshow video of your photos. We’ll then guide you through the process of selecting and ordering your favourite photos.
We take card or cash payments on the day and payment plans are also available.
Once ordered your cake smash photos are normally ready within a couple of weeks.
More more information about ordering your photos check out preparing to view your photos.


Best gift for ..........


A cake smash  is a themed photoshoot typically arranged for a child’s first birthday. During the session, the child is given a cake to smash and play with while as photographers we capture the messy and wonderful moments. We finish all our cake smash sessions with a fun bubble bath to clean up!
Cake smash sessions are typically done to celebrate a child’s first birthday. This is actually the ideal age as  child is at an age where they can sit up comfortably, interact with the cake, and enjoy the experience. However, some families may choose to do a cake smash for older children as well, depending on personal preference and the significance of the occasion.
Absolutely, we’ve been photographing cake smash sessions for the past decade and it’s a popular as ever! In fact Cake Smash photoshoots are our most requested shoot.
Of course! For many families, capturing the joy and innocence of their child’s first birthday in a fun and memorable way is priceless. The resulting photos often become cherished keepsakes that are treasured for years to come. However, it’s essential to consider factors such as budget and personal significance before booking a cake smash photoshoot.

What should I bring to my cake smash photoshoot?

We’ll begin the Photoshoot with some more classic studio portraits. These can just be of the birthday boy or girl or they can be some simple family pictures. Either way you’ll want to prepare an outfit for these photos.
For the cake smash itself simplicity is best. A pair of shorts or dungarees work well. Braces and bow ties are optional.
For the bath pictures a towel to accompany the birthday suit is essential, and may a favourite bath time toy.

What kind of Cake Smash pictures do you want?

Everyone who has a cake smash photoshoot agrees, the pictures have to be fun. The first stage of the shoot is about creating a classic portrait of your baby that the relatives will love. The cake smash is where the direction of the photos completely change gear. Not every baby enjoys getting messy but that in itself creates some adorable pictures.
The bath time pictures are just fun for everyone.

What’s next after a Cake Smash Photoshoot?

Many people make a tradition of having studio portraits taken on their children’s birthday. They don’t all have to be cake smash shoots but it is fun doing it with a 2 year old!
For your next professional studio photo session after a cake smash we certainly recommend a family shoot.
We begin each cake smash with some regular family pictures but this is essentially just a small taste of what we do in a full family photoshoot.

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