Maternity photos at our Croydon Studio

As your baby photographer the first time we might meet you is for a pregnancy photo shoot. We know that after months of morning sickness, heartburn and a general feeling of not amazingness a maternity photography session might not be top of your agenda.

Why do newborn babies smile when they sleep?

Why do newborn babies smile is a question I’m often asked in the studio. New parents also ask similar questions; do newborns smile because they're happy? Is it rare for a newborn to smile?

Where did Cake Smash come from?

People are constantly asking us where did cake smash come from? Our normal response is that’s it’s an American thing but that doesn’t really answer the question properly.

Photograph your newborn baby at home

With Lockdown 3 once again closing our Croydon studio we are unable to photograph newborn babies for a while. Hopefully we’ll be back soon but for parents who want to capture the first few days of their newborn baby’s life with a newborn studio session that isn’t much of a reassurance.
Headshot advice for talent and actors

Headshot advice for talent and actors

Spotlight Headshot advice for talent If you