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Photo of the baby taken in our studio in Croydon
Baby Session 1
Newborn photoshoot in Croydon Portrait Studio
Newborn Session 2
Newborn photoshoot in Croydon Portrait Studio
Newborn Session 3
Newborn photoshoot in Croydon Portrait Studio
Newborn Session 4
Newborn in patents hand. Black and white photo.
Newborn Session 5
Newborn  in the basket. Photo taken in Corydon studio
Newborn Session 6
Smiling newborn wrapped in cream blanket. Photoshoot in Croydon studio
Newborn Session 7
Mum with newborn baby. Photo on the dark brow background
Newborn session 8
Newborn photoshoot in Croydon Portrait Studio. Baby with pink flower hair band on white blanket
Newborn Session 9
Newborn in both parents hands on black bacground.
Newborn Session 10

Baby Photoshoot

Your baby Photoshoot at our Croydon studio is more than just capturing beautiful smiles. Throughout your baby’s first year there are numerous milestones to cherish. As each week passes your baby’s character will grow along with their nappy size! There is no ideal time for your baby photoshoot other than right now.
What are the key milestones for a baby photoshoot?
Throughout your baby’s first year they will go from being a tiny helpless ball in your arms to a thriving toddler tornado. In-between that time you have all of the fun firsts to looking forward to from the first time your baby wakes with a smile to a full belly laugh at the simplest thing.
Babies are such an amazing gift and becoming a parent regardless of whether it’s for the first or fifth time, is one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences of one’s life.
All of the baby milestones are precious and when captured in a baby Photoshoot are amazing and beautiful mementos which you really will treasure forever. Our job as photographers is to capture these moments and milestones as professional and quality works of art. It’s a true privilege to be part of creating something that is as important as your baby photos are.

New baby

For babies one or two months old that have missed out on a newborn baby photoshoot, there’s still a chance to get beautiful pictures when they are still so small. In fact, new baby photoshoots are similar to newborn shoots but with less sleeping involved! The posing is very different to newborns but you will start to see your baby’s character begin to develop.
At this age we normally take a lot of family pictures at the photoshoot so be prepared for that!
Baby Photoshoot in Memory Gate Photography studio in Croydon. Baby in the basket.

I'm Smiling

The ideal age for these baby Photoshoots is between three and six months.
In the first few months your baby will lift their head smiling with a responsive squeals or gurgle. They will roll and grab their toes whilst attempting to swallow the feet whole!
These baby Photoshoots are all about tummy time and big smiles!
Baby Photoshoot in Memory Gate Photography studio in Croydon. Smiling baby on the tummy.

I'm Sitting

The ideal age for these baby Photoshoots is between seven and ten months.
Before you know it they’ll be sitting comfortably and reaching for everything and nothing. Soon the gurgles will turn to sounds that are not dissimilar to “Mama” or “Dada” before the crawling begins.
This stage is amazing for baby Photoshoots, mainly because they stay in one place for more than two seconds!
Baby Photoshoot in Croydon portrait studio. Baby sitting on wooden floor.

I'm standing

The ideal age for these baby Photoshoots is between eleven and fourteen months.
By the end of the first year they’ll be finding their feet and have a pretty good understanding of the word “no” or “Don’t eat that”.
For a standing baby Photoshoot they don’t need to be fully walking however on more than one occasion a baby has taken their first steps in the studio!
Baby Photoshoot in Croydon portrait studio. Baby standing against chair.

Your baby photoshoot

Each baby photoshoot normally takes about an hour. Feel free to arrive early and enjoy a drink in our Photo Cafe before your photoshoot.
We’ll discuss with you the type of images you’d like us to create. During your baby photoshoot there’s plenty of time for outfit changes so please bring a small selection of clothes with you. 
We have a number of different backgrounds and setups for your baby, giving you a variety of images to choose from.

Viewing and ordering your baby photos

Once your baby photoshoot is complete we’ll book in a viewing and ordering appointment for you. Your viewing is normally booked in a week after your photo shoot, leaving us plenty of time to beautifully edit all of your stunning newborn baby photos.
When you return to the studio and our viewing lounge you’ll be treated to a slideshow video of your photos. We’ll then guide you through the process of selecting and ordering your favourite photos.
We take card or cash payments on the day and payment plans are also available.
Once ordered your photos are normally ready within a couple of weeks.


Best gift for ..........

How to prepare for your baby photoshoot?

Please do bring along a small selection of outfit changes for your baby. We might not use them all but it’s great to have some variety in the pictures.
If you do have something special and personal you’d like to add to your baby photoshoot such as an outfit someone has knitted, a favourite toy or a family heirloom then please do bring those along. 

What kind of baby pictures do you want?

We aim to create natural, beautiful pictures of your baby during their photoshoot. It’s important to us that your baby is both comfortable and safe. Let us know some of your favourite baby photos from some of our previous baby photoshoots.

What’s next after your baby Photoshoot?

One of our most popular baby Photoshoots in recent years has been the first year cake smash. Not only is it great fun but you’ll get some amazing pictures.

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